Guy Ingle - The Prince Charles Impersonator
Guy as Prince Charles
Film, TV, Radio and Voice-overs

In November 2007, Guy went to Hollywood to play Prince Charles in 'Superhero movie' which starred Leslie Nielson, Pamela Anderson and Christopher McDonald. The film was written and produced by the same team that gave us such classics as 'Airplane'. .

Guy has also appeared as Prince Charles on many TV shows such as Richard & Judy; in many TV series such as Double Take and Look Around You; in Japanese & Korean TV adverts and has been interviewed on national radio, often to add a humorous slant to a particular national event. Guy is a full member of Equity.

Guy Ingle as Prince Charles
Promotions, Corporate & Special Events

Why not let 'Prince Charles' open your promotion or corporate event? Guy has good presentational skills and also the ability to mix and mingle. The novelty of having Prince Charles present your event will fix your product firmly in the minds of everyone attending! Or if you advertise that your fete or gala day will be opened by 'Prince Charles', you can be sure that tickets will be in great demand!

Most look-a-likes just stand there - Guy is capable of mingling in any company, entertaining and amusing people as he goes.

Guy as Prince Charles
After Dinner Speaking, Private Parties

Invite Guy to give an after dinner speech and get a night to remember. The speech will be humorous and peppered with 'royal' jokes. If we are given the correct information in good time then the speech can also be tailored to your own requirements or to poke fun at selected guests. To see a speech from an old event, click on 'After Dinner Speaking' on the menu bar above.

Or why not invite Guy to be a surprise visitor at a friend's birthday party? That 'Royal' congratulatory speech with a few jokes thrown in will make it a birthday to remember!
We can even pre-record this in our studio and send it to you on a DVD or Blu-ray.

Guy with Elizabeth
Other Royal look-a-likes available
If you would like multiple royal lookalikes at your function this can easily be arranged. We are in personal contact with many royal lookalikes and also through lookalike agencies worldwide.

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Contact Guy on 07811 364328 or email